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Parents Action Group - what is it all about?

Comment from the forum

Tony Colman MP speaks out for Chartfield

Council reaffirm stance on Special Schools

Opponents of closure to lobby Council - forum Chartfield School Campaign goes national

An ex-parents letter of concern to Baroness Ashton & Wandsworth Council

Garratt Park set to expand

Chartfield School to close 2006


A Petition is being Organised to Improve the bus service between Putney and Hammersmith. Click here to find out where you can sign it 12.2000

Comment from the forum on local buses


Bus Route to Hammersmith useless for the school run 24.02.03


Did you know that over 60% of your rubbish can be recycled? 21.01.03

Council announces records in recycling levels 22.01.03

Council to announces plastics and textiles to be added to Rainbow recycling scheme 23.01.03

Get ready for the launch of the new 'orange sack' recycling scheme on March 31. 19.02.03

Bouroughs join forces to boost recycling 03.09.03

Orange recycling extended to housing estates 16.03.04

£37m contract for recycling & refuse collection up for renewal 23.04.2004

17.5% of rubbish is recycled in the Borough - up 7% on the year. 20.05.2004


Is closing Richmond Park to rush-hour traffic restoring a priceless local amenity to its original purpose or are the Royal Parks Agency acting without due consideration to the majority of local people.

Robin Hood Gate to close for a years trial & reduction in parking spaces announced 24.02.03

The case against closure

The Royal Parks Agency's Reply

Comment on this issue from the forum

Wandsworth Council concerned for residents if Robin Hood Gate is closed 21.02.02

Wandsworth seek legal advice to stop closure of Robin Hood Gate 26.02.02

Cllr Lister condems plans to close Pen Ponds 13.03.02

High Court forces RPA to U turn on Robin Hood Gate closure 17.04.02

Extra Time for the Richmond Park consultation. 02.08.02

Survey shows 90% of residents against gate closure. 10.09.02

Richmond Park traffic plans - public meeting October 1 - 25.09.02

Local residents voted overwhelmingly against gate and car park closures 11.11.02

Tony Colman MP - due to meet with Tessa Jowell to discuss the future of Richmond Park 7.02.03

Three Bouroughs call on Minister to reopen Robin Hood Gate 27.04.2004

Local resident airs his views & copies his letter to Rt Hon Charles Kennedy MP & Local Paper

Robin Hood Gate Closure Branded ' a Failure' - 18.02.2005

Robin Hood Gate - Closed for Good - 27.05.2005


4 phone masts turned down 21.03.02

High Court Judge backs Council on Rosslyn Park mast 5.02.03

Proposed Orange mobile phone mast in Southfields 16.06.2004


On line consultation form - Conservative Candidate encourages residents to get on line 18.01.2005

Government back down on Consultation process - 15.12.2004

Richmond Borough Council responds to cash call

Wandsworth makes cash call to save night flights ruling May 2002

Residents face fresh night flights challenge April 2002

Wandsworth Council vows to continue to fight against Night Flights over SW15 10.04.02

Council pledges to fight any relaxation of restrictions 1.3.2004

Council predicts misery from noise of night flights will continue 6.8.2004


Court sets limits to Heathrow expansion - 18.02.2005

Council urges expansion at Gatwick & development at the Cliffe site 10.03.2003

Cliffe 'better value' than Heathrow 22.10.02

Public meeting in Putney set for October 28th 2002 14.10.02

Topless Bus March along proposed flight path. 10.02

Wandsworth hosts meeting 13.09.02

Wandsworth Council's Aviation Pages

Government Proposals to Favour New Runway at Heathrow

No cutting corners on Third Runway Plans

Richmond responds to cash call on nightflights

Challenging the third runway - Wandsworth hosts airport capacity conference 12.09.02

Cllr Tracey (Wandsworth) proposes new airport not third runway 07.02

Ministers accused of ignoring enviromental concerns on Heathrow expension. 07.02

Wandsworth makes cash call to save night flights ruling May 2002

Residents face fresh night flights challenge April 2002


One community police officer left to cover Roehampton

Emergency response times fall as police numbers crisis bites

Cllr Lister speaks out on the imbalance of police in London Boroughs 17.04.02

Tony Colman MP discussed policing needs in Putney with the Borough Police Commander 7.02.03


100 residents voice anger to Post Office boses 06.2004

Mail Problems? - Why not move to the Hebrides? 06.2004

MP meets up with the London Manager of Postwatch

Council hit back at further threats of PO closures in the borough 06.2004

Recent comments from the forum

Cllr predicts branch closures following Main PostOffice franchise

SW area has the worst postal service in the UK Dec 03

Send your complaints to POSTWATCH 10.02

Forum comments on the postal service 10.02

Cllr Lister comments on the service

Post Office franchise.

Strike threats summer 2001

PLANNING PERMISSION - Egliston Lawns & 356 Upper Richmond Road

Forum comments on the proposal for a transmitter for Orange

Article submitted by residents outlining the two areas

Tony Colman MP Diary for week ending 23/02/02

Similarity with the Garden Centre - see history

Residents in uproar over planning process - the council appears to disregard the objections ..... developments on the Upper Richmond Road and Egliston Lawns are up for discussion.

Council postpone decision on Orange Transmitter 15.02.02

Council postpone decision on Egliston Lawns 15.02.02

Cllr Lister's Diary for week ending 17/02/02

Public Inquiry for the future of the site but Garden Centre will close 8.8.02


Stephen Byers has give the green light to the development of Terminal 5. Reactions from residents , MP and Council:

Comment from the forum on Terminal 5

Tony Colman MP expresses his views on the go-ahead for T5

Cllr Edward Lister reacts to MR Byers OK to build T5

Cllr Tracey pushes for new airport in South East rather than 3rd Runway 07.02


Comment from the forum on development plan


Should the Council be closing this valued local amenity?
Despite an active campaign by local people the Council have proceeded with the sale of the garden centre.

Read what local people have to say on the forum.

Article on the sale.

Gerald Jones the Council Chief Executive explains the reason for the sale

Tony Colman MP urges Council to reconsider Garden sale

November 2001 key vote on Garden centre sale

Leader of the Council speaks out against the proposed plans. 13.03.02

Planning Committee rejects the proposal for 14 flats on the site 16.3.02

Public Inquiry for the future of the site but Garden Centre will close 8.8.02

RAGE - new pressure group established to fight on 22.08.02

RAGE propose pressure oon planning to be in keeping with the conservation area 12.10.02

Council to defend decision to limit development on Putney site 09.12.02

Minister backs extra flats on Adrian Hall site 5.12.02


Residents voice their concerns over growing problem

Graffiti service wins £250,000 boost 02.09.02

Council joins task force to battlle graffiti in South West London 14.03.02

Did you know that Wandsworth has a FREE graffiti removal service?


Will this valued local amenity be sold for development? Following an active campaign by local pressure groups the Councill has opted to refurbish the site to the tune of £300,000 and ensure use by the existing two youth groups and Chas Newens Marins

Follow the story so far: threat, discussion, refurbishment work commences.

Cllr Lister announces Sea Cadets move back in 05.08.02

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