ISSUE: Policing Levels in SW15 area                              

One community police officer left to cover Roehampton

Councillors are calling for immediate action to reverse the long-term
decline in police numbers for the borough after it was revealed that
Roehampton is now covered by just one community officer compared to five previously.

Wandsworth has lost 100 police officers in the last five years. The new
policing formula adopted by the Metropolitan Police Authority (MPA) sets
the borough total at just 550 - below the current budgeted target of

Council leader Edward Lister said the problems of police shortages were
particularly severe on the Alton estate:

"Instead of one community sergeant and four constables policing this
area, as we had some years ago, we now have barely one community officer who is part of the Putney Sector team of community officers. Even this individual can be pulled away if Chelsea or Fulham are playing at home. The situation is made worse by overtime restrictions.

"The response teams covering the area cannot attend neighbourhood watch meetings and work with the community in the same way.

"The council is doing all it can to support the police. We are seconding
parks police officers on certain operations and even loaning out our
vehicles. What we cannot do is make up for the sheer loss of numbers on
the ground.

"We get a terrific service from our police in Wandsworth. It is time
they were backed with the resources they need to do their job properly.

Cllr Lister has already called for an immediate review of the system
which decides on the number of officers for each borough.

This followed the announcement by the MPA of extra police for four
boroughs. One of the four, Lambeth, is keeping an extra 75 officers.

Police response times are slower

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