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Richmond first with night flights cash

Richmond has become the first London council to respond to Wandsworth's appeal for funds to help meet the costs of defending last October's landmark European Court ruling that night flights violated human rights.

The council has today announced a contribution of £5,000.

The UK Government is seeking to have the ruling overturned.

Wandsworth and anti-aircraft noise campaigners HACAN have jointly written to 26 councils in London and the South East for support.

Richmond leader Tony Arbour said:

"I am delighted to join with Wandsworth in continuing to fight for this cause. Noise from night flights is a huge concern to all our residents, and I would urge other councils to follow the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames in offering their support."

Wandsworth leader Edward Lister added:

"This is just the start we needed to our fund-raising campaign. Our chances of winning again in Strasbourg are excellent but as with any legal battle there are unavoidable costs. For the sake of the many people who live under the flightpath and are longing for a decent night's sleep let's hope this is the first of many contributions."

Wandsworth makes cash call to save night flights ruling May 2002

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