Wandsworth hosts airport capacity conference

A central London seminar will be held next month by Wandsworth Council for local authorities, amenity societies and environmental groups throughout the capital worried by the Government's plans to expand Heathrow.

The event is being organised jointly by the council and aircraft noise campaigners HACAN ClearSkies.

  flightpaths & 3rd runway

Wandsworth is keen to kick start a round of public meetings in the south and west London boroughs most affected by the plans.

A local meeting for Wandsworth residents is being planned for later in October.

The London-wide conference, which takes place on October 3, will include an update on the Government's appeal against last year's historic night flights ruling. This is now due to be heard in the European Court of Human Rights on November 13.

Speakers include Jim Bailey from the local authorities' aviation group SASIG which has commissioned a study of the latest capacity proposals and John Stewart from HACAN.

Wandsworth Council leader Edward Lister who will chair the conference said: "We have a huge job of work to do to make sure people in the areas most likely to be affected by increases in air traffic are fully in the picture about these latest proposals. It's another T5 battle all over again except this time the Government has made it clear it wants to cut short the process. It is vital that local authorities and groups interested in challenging the proposals move as quickly as possible and can base their responses on accurate information."

John Stewart added: "A third runway means a third flight path. This would mean that over 100,000 Londoners would experience disturbing aircraft noise for the first time."

The closing date for responses to the transport department's consultation paper 'The future development of air transport in the UK: South East' is November 25. The document is expected to form the basis of a White Paper on air transport.

The Wandsworth/HACAN conference is being held on the evening of October 3. Details are available from

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13 September 2002


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