Third runway protests grow - public meeting in Putney set for October 28

Local people concerned about the environmental impact of a third runway at Heathrow can find out more about the proposals at a public meeting in Putney on October 28.The meeting will be held at All Saints Church, Putney Common SW15 on Monday October 28 at 7.30pm.

The event is being organised by the council as a follow-up to last week's successful campaign briefing for local councils and amenity societies in south and west London.

Speakers will include Wandsworth leader Edward Lister, chief executive Gerald Jones and John Stewart from aircraft noise campaign group HACAN ClearSkies.

Cllr Lister said people in Putney, Wandsworth and Battersea were the most at risk from the latest bid to expand Heathrow:

"Aircraft noise is an issue that affects more and more people across the borough. This is an important public meeting which will help people get behind the spin and the jargon in the Government's consultation document so they can challenge the increasingly shaky basis on which this whole development is based."

John Stewart (HACAN) added:

"This is the only public meeting currently planned for Wandsworth residents before consultation ends on November 30, so it is vital everyone who is worried about the threat of a new runway and a sixth terminal attends. HACAN believes that the proposals for Heathrow are fatally flawed. Our members are active across London helping local communities to arm themselves with the facts."

The Government's plans for a third runway are contained in a consultation document published in July 2002. The document is entitled Government Consultation on the Future Development of Air Transport in the UK: South East. The closing date for responses is November 30.

The council fears that further expansion at Heathrow could lead to bigger, noisier planes coming in to land over Battersea, Wandsworth and Putney.

A third runway could also lead to increased traffic congestion on the roads, deteriorating air quality and the enhanced risk of a major aviation accident.

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14th October 2002


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