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The battle to save the garden centre on Dryburgh Road and preserve this important site from infill development is far from over. To the contrary, the first planning application for 14 flats was turned down by the council and the developers, FairBriar/FairDale are now struggling. They have requested an enquiry, which is due to be heard on the 19th of November 2002. Weíve reached an important and critical milestone. Indeed, this could be our best chance yet to turn this whole affair on itís head and win this fight. Consequently, we now need to mobilise support and put pressure on the authorities to reconsider their actions before itís too late.

In recent weeks, a new group has been formed to take this battle forward to the next stage. RAGE (Residentís Against Gardencentre Exploitation). Essentially this group consists of local residents who want to continue fighting the issue, as the stakes increase. Perhaps the Inspector, who will chair the enquiry in November, will be able to overturn the councilís move to grant themselves planning permission on land which they owned. The name of the group reflects the anger many people feel over the way this whole issue has been handled.

As an update, over the summer months, many things have happened:

FairBriar developers have sought enquiry above the heads of the council for permission to build 14 flats, as mentioned above.

FairBriar have submitted a second planning application to the council for 10 flats. A decision on this will probably be held on the 19th of September meeting.

Adrian Hall was told by FairBriar that they could extend their stay by a probable three months, until near the end of the year. FairBriar reversed this decision with a phonecall to Adrian Hall, mandating that they vacate the land within 5 days.

  Security gaurds, chains and a sign promoting the development....

The council wrote to some residents on 29th July, indicating that any objections or opinions regarding the upcoming enquiry should be received by the Inspector by 20th August. This minimal amount of response time, over a period where even the crime rate falls as most people are travelling, severely reduces potential resident response.

Through this website we will keep residents up to date. More updated information will be posted in the next two weeks, so please take action as suggested below and watch this space!

It can be very difficult to re-energise people over an ongoing issue and we would very much appreciate your help and support. If you are interested, please take action in one of the suggested ways on the list below and/or email your name and address to, or write to us at: RAGE, PO Box BM-RAGE, London, WC1N 3XX.

We need the help and support of all those locally that share the concerns over the preservation of this area.

Hereís what you can do to help:

* Write a personal letter to Wandsworth Borough Council stating your objection to the new 10 flat application before 15 September! URGENT! The council does pay particular attention to personal notes or letters.

* Write a personal letter to the Planning Inspectorate stating your objections for the 14 flat application and the entire situation! Copy Wandsworth Council and John Prescott.

Re: Application: APP/H5960/A/02/1092303
The Planning Inspectorate,
3/08b Kite Wing,
Temple Quay House, 2 The Square,
Temple Quay, Bristol BS1 6PN


Wandsworth Council
Planning Department
The Town Hall
Wandsworth High Street
London SW18 2PU


John Prescott
Houses of Parliament
London SW1A OAA

* Attend the Enquiry on 19 November 2002 (More details to follow shortly)

* Talk to neighbours and encourage them to do the same

Residents Against Garden Centre Exploitation



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