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PLanning, recycling, education and war are all on our MP's agenda

Local Education

I continue to work with Wandsworth Council and government ministers to try to ensure that education funding requirements are met for the local primary and secondary schools of Putney. To that end, I had a recent meeting with a number of Headteachers, hosted by Beryl Pooley at Albemarle School to hear and act on their concerns. As some of you are already aware, I have objected strongly to Council proposals to cut back provisions for Special Educational Needs (S.E.N.) schools. This matter will be considered by a committee in April and I have been assured that these objections will be heard.

Dominating the news for the past few weeks and unsurprisingly Parliamentary business here in Westminster has been the debate over Iraq. As chair of the All Party Group on the United Nations, I managed to organise an open session with Professor Chris Greenwood from London School of Economics immediately after the vote on Wednesday morning. It was a most informative discussion, offering an in-depth analysis of previous UN resolutions.
The debate and vote over the Iraq crisis took place the previous evening. Therefore I will take this opportunity to clarify my own position. In line with numerous representations made to me by Putney constituents and members of the local Labour Party, I decided not to support the Government motion for military intervention, as no 2nd resolution had been made. Abstaining on the vote, despite severe pressure from the Whips, best represented my views and the constituency as a whole.

Egliston Lawns
Wandsworth council has worked successfully in turning down numerous planning applications for the over-development of Egliston Lawns. I would like to voice my support for the council's latest decision to prevent inappropriate building in this beautiful conservation area. I hope that further appeals for building are met with a similar fate.

Municipal Waste Recycling Bill
I am pleased to announce that my colleague Joan Ruddock's bill on 'Doorstep Recycling' has passed to the committee stage. This greatly increases the chances of her bill becoming law. I am in no doubt that the persistent lobbying by the general public, including many Putney constituents, ensured that this bill was approved unanimously in the House of Commons on Friday 14th March.

On these and any other issues I am always keen to hear the views of Putney constituents. Please feel free to contact me via or by writing to me at the House of Commons.

Tony Colman MP

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21st March 2003

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