The last two weeks have been eventful both within Putney and in Parliament.

Of course, on the 13th the Queen's Speech set out the agenda for the Parliamentary year. The government are clearly looking to act on people's priorities thus the speech focussed on the criminal justice system and tackling anti-social behaviour as well as laying down better legislative foundations for international cooperation in combating crime.

The other core theme of government legislation for this parliamentary year is that of public services, and particularly the NHS. The Secretary of State for Health has promised that the extra funding necessary to re-build our battered health service would have to be coupled with reform and he is now sponsoring legislation to make that reform happen.

I was also very pleased to see that an Anti-Corruption Bill has made it onto the drafts list, since I feel we need action on this issue to harmonise our own laws with global efforts to stamp out corrupt practices in both governance and business.

This month is Domestic Violence awareness month and I attended a meeting with other Wandsworth representatives to talk about the importance of raising awareness of the options available to victims of violence and the importance of not turning a blind eye when we see the sign amongst our friends and neighbours.

On the 11th of November I attended a moving remembrance day service at St Mary's Church, run by the Reverend Giles Fraser. Later that day I was privileged to be present at the induction of the first ever all female job share for the position of Rabbi, at Wimbledon Synagogue.

On schools in the area - my own son is now looking to get a place in a local school. I appreciate the frustration that parents feel as school places in Wandsworth are short. My son has applied for Southfields School, which is the closest to us, New St Cecilia's and the ADT College. I am very glad that St Cecilia's is planning to offer more places to help with this problem.

For Roehampton there is good news with the Sure Start Programme about to get going in the new year, this will bring enormous benefits to many in Roehampton and West Putney.

Residents should be aware that the deadline for submission to the Department of Transport on the Future of Aviation is the 30th of November. I have already made clear my opposition to any further expansion of Heathrow. The only way forward can be through developing away from densely populated areas as well as utilising technology to reduce noise pollution from over-flying planes.

Residents will be pleased to hear that all our lobbying to improve local transport is finally paying off. Transport for London has agreed to a new bus route 493 (beginning the 23rd of November). This service will run every 15 minutes between Richmond and St George's Hospital via the Upper Richmond Road, Roehampton Lane, Queen Mary's, Putney Heath, Tibbets Corner, Princes Way, Augustus Road and Wimbledon Park Road. Clearly this is great news for Putney residents. Please be aware that some modifications are being made in the route of buses 485 and S7. For more details on this do check the Transport for London website, or contact my office.

As always if any one would like to contact me on these or any other issues, feel free to write to me at the House of Commons.

To check if I am your MP, please log on to www.locata.co.uk/commons and enter your full postcode.

I have a website www.tonycolman.org.uk which I hope you will use and enjoy.

Tony Colman MP

1st November 2002

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