MP Welcomes Queen's Speech

MP for Putney, Tony Colman, welcomed the agenda set out in the Queen's speech today.

The speech laid out a comprehensive agenda in terms of tackling crime and reforming the criminal justice system to put victims, rather than offenders, first.

The list of proposed legislation also includes measures to provide extra protection against neighbours from hell and anti-social tenants. The other central theme of the speech was that of improving and reforming our public services.

Tony Colman said:

"This year's Queen's speech reflects well the priorities of people in Putney and across the country. We all want our streets to be safe and our public services to be the best."

"I am particularly pleased to see that anti-corruption legislation has made it onto the list, the idea being to bring our currently piecemeal legislation under one umbrella and coordinate with other countries when tackling corruption, both at home and abroad. White collar crime must be tackled as a priority"

Other bills included in the government's agenda for this year include licensing reform. It is hoped that licensing laws will be made more flexible allowing some establishments to stay open later, while at the same time providing stronger protection for local residents.

As always if any one would like to contact me on these or any other issues, feel free to write to me at the House of Commons.

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Tony Colman MP

1st November 2002

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