Last Thursday marked another small step in dragging politics in the UK in to the technological age.As more and more MPs have websites and are contactable via e-mail, it is time our Parliament and the law making process joined in and opened themselves up to proper public scrutiny.

For the first time in Parliamentary history a Pre-legislative Committee will take evidence which will also be web cast - this means anyone with access to the internet can view proceedings live and e-mail back their views on how our laws might be amended. All e-mails will be received by an independent mediator who will feed the contributions through to members of the committee.

All you need to do is go to www.parliamentlive.tv , watch the evidence being given and send a helpful e-mail to the address which will be displayed along the bottom of the screen.

The first pre-legislative scrutiny available on this site was the Communications Bill with evidence being given by the Independent Television Commission.

The Joint Committee has arranged the following public hearings:

  • Monday 27 May 6.15 pm
  • Monday 10 June 6.15 pm
  • Thursday 13 June 10.15 am
  • Monday 17 June 6.15 pm
  • Thursday 20 June 10.15 am
  • Monday 24 June 6.15 pm
  • Thursday 27 June 10.15 am
  • Thursday 4 July 10.15 am
  • Monday 8 July 6.15 pm

Hopefully, more and more proposed legislation will have to pass this public scrutiny, and that input won't just be limited to lobbyists. I really hope this is a project that takes off, and hope you can take part. Please let me know how you find the site and the format, and don't forget to e-mail in your views to the Committee!

To check if I am your MP, please log on to www.locata.co.uk/commons and enter your full postcode.

I have set up a website www.tonycolman.org.uk which I hope you will use and enjoy.

Tony Colman MP

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