Back to an old story to kick off this week - our newly closed Garden Centre. Pushing ahead with the most unpopular decision in Putney, the Council are set to approve planning permission for the site next week - Tuesday the 15th October. The objections are listed in the planning committee agenda, and the local concern over the sale of the site, and the Council's mishandling of the whole affair, is clear, but I fear this is not a battle where reason will win.

Whilst on planning issues, it is still not too late to object to the Royal Parks about the closure of Robin Hood Gate and Pen Ponds car park. I am fully aware of, and very sympathetic to, the environmental arguments for the closure, but moving the traffic 300 yards away into a residential area is just not a viable solution. Please voice your concerns to William Weston, Chief Executive of the Royal Parks before 25th October.

I have had a very busy week following the announcement that John Langan was resigning as Chief Executive of Kingston Hospital. Working closely with neighbouring MPs Jenny Tonge and Ed Davey, I have met the appointments Commissioner for London, the Health Authority Chair and have a meeting coming early next week with the non-executive Directors.

Jenny, Ed and I are very concerned about governance issues, and the processes gone through in filling positions, such as Chief Executives of local Hospitals. We are concerned at the lack of consultation, even with local elected representatives - more on this in the near future.

And lastly - a bit of good news - Sure Start is coming to Roehampton. The scheme provides opportunities for pre-school children and their parents, and has been a great success elsewhere in the country, including Battersea. I am very pleased that our sustained pressure on Ministers has paid off.

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I have a website www.tonycolman.org.uk which I hope you will use and enjoy.

Tony Colman MP

10th October 2002

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