I visited the new CCTV centre this week - and very impressive it is. Home Office funding has now paid for much of the new network which deters crime, vandalism and offensive behaviour. Less crime and less fear means we are more likely to use our local shops, more likely to walk to them, which in turns encourages vibrant local communities that are a pleasure to be in.

CCTV also helps all authorities work together - police, the council, traffic and transport managers and emergency services. The Control Centre can advise police on accidents and problems as they arise, and help the Council by watching red routes and parking problems spots.

Tony Colman MP for Putney, Martin Linton MP for Battersea, and Finlay Flett, in the Wandsworth CCTV Control Room.

CCTV also reduces the fear of crime, which is incredibly important. The network of CCTV that has been set up around Wandsworth in the last 5 years now covers many town centres, estates, subways, public transport nodes and main roads. It will take some time for us, the public, to realise and remember that it is there, but I do believe fear of crime will diminish as CCTV is used to catch more criminals and stop more street crime.

Which brings me on to the news that street crime has fallen dramatically this year already, following operation Safer Streets' launch. Whilst we have to wait to see if the downward trend continues, this is a very welcome start.

And we must remember that we do live in one of the safer Boroughs, even if statistics are cold comfort to victims of crime.

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Tony Colman MP

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