ISSUE: Threat of closure to local primary schools

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With regards to Councillor Grimston's comments about Chartfield school,
it is indeed held with much affection by both pupils and parents. 92% of
parents said they wanted their children to stay at the school. This is
because they realise that their children are thriving.

Our parents feel that their children need the small class sizes, quiet environment and specialised support that Chartfield provides. Whilst at the same time we have excellent exam results and in fact 80% of last years school leavers went onto further education.

Many of our pupils come from mainstream where they have tried desperately to "fit in" and only after some dreadful experiences have sought out a special needs alternative like Chartfield. Chartfield bridges the gap between mainstream and special needs. It caters for children who are largely within the mainstream IQ spectrum but are socially and/or medically vulnerable.

This is why we are popular and do not have falling numbers. Bar our newly opened extra year 9 class we are virtually full. For more information I would recommend the website.

Howard Battersby,
Chair of Governors,
Chartfield school

4th October 2003

Chartfield School


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