ISSUE: Threat of closure to local primary schools

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Tony Colman's climb-down over his irresponsible claims that we would
close local schools is really not good enough. Why did he not check
with me first before causing so much unnecessary concern among parents of Southmead and Ronald Ross schools?

We are indeed looking at the future of Chartfield School, and despite Mr
Colman's belief that we should rush into a decision before we have had a
chance to consider the very complex issues carefully, I can reconfirm
that we intend to get this right and take as long as necessary to do so.
I am well aware of the affection with which Chartfield is (quite
rightly) held, but we also live in times in which more and more parents
are demanding, and receiving, successful placements in mainstream
schools for their youngsters with Special Needs.

But as with every other case, we have been open and honest about our
proposals. Nobody, even for grubby party political reasons, should be
claiming that this Council would plot in secret against any of our
impressive Putney schools.

Yours sincerely,

Cabinet Member for Education,
Wandsworth Borough Council,
Town Hall,
SW18 2PU

Chartfield School


Tony Colman MP responds to Cllr Grimston's accusation of "scaremongering" 15th October 2003

Cllr Malcolm Grimston's response to MP's diary 10th October 2003

The original Diary entry 8th October 2003

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