ISSUE: Threat of closure to local primary schools

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Tony Colman MP responds to Cllr Malcolm Grimston's allegation of scaremongering.

I have decided to reply now to Councillor Grimston's comments on primary schools in Putney rather than wait until my next diary entry.

Tony Colman MP

I am happy to accept Councillors Grimston's assurances that there is no threat to the future of Ronald Ross and Southmead schools. As a fellow alumni of Magdalene College Cambridge I know the Councillor is an honourable man and I will hold him to his word.

I would, however, also wish to know that Chartfield School is similarly protected. It is quite wrong that the parents and staff of Chartfield have been left hanging on for over a year to know their fate and they will not have a decision until January 2004. This is quite unfair to an excellent school providing real choice to parents of children with special needs. This school should not close.

Over to you Councillor Grimston.

Tony Colman MP

15th October 2003

Cllr Malcolm Grimston's response to MP's diary 10th October 2003

The original Diary entry 8th October 2003

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