ISSUE: Threat of closure to local primary schools

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Cllr Malcolm Grimston responds to Tony Colman's claims in his diary about closure of two local schools.

Following Tony Colman MP's recent diary entry in which he stated his concern over Alledged threats to close two popular primary schools; Ronald Ross and Southmead. Cllr Malcom Grimston has issued a response in his roleas the council's cabinet member for education.

Cllr Malcolm Grimston

Cllr Malcolm Grimston says:

"There is no threat to pupils' places at Southmead or Ronald Ross. For a local MP to rush into print with scaremongering claims is incredibly irresponsible.

"If he knew anything about the schools in his constituency he would know that Southmead has been chosen as home to a brand new resource base for children with an autistic spectrum disorder where children with special needs will be taught alongside mainstream pupils at the school.

"He would know too that that Ronald Ross has just had a very encouraging OFSTED report which is due in no small part to the continuing support the council has given the school.

"I shall be calling on Mr Colman to withdraw his remarks and to urge him
in future to check his facts before making claims that can only unsettle
parents and children."

10th October 2003

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