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Intimidation by groups of youths and a reminder of the meeting on November 3rd with HACA in Putney .........


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I can think of a few places in Putney where we have problems with groups of youths who hang out on street corners.

Sometimes these gatherings can be quite intimidating and have the effect of discouraging people from leaving their homes at night.

Over in Battersea where they have had a particularly severe problem for some time we are trying out a brand new tactic.

The residential streets off Lavender Hill which make up the Shaftesbury Park area will now become a dispersal zone. If you are under 16 and on the street after 9pm, the police will take you home.

If you are older, the police can move you on if they suspect trouble. Those from outside the area can also be ordered not to return for 24 hours. Failure to comply can mean immediate arrest.

It's our first trial with this new approach. It won't be appropriate in every location and we have to see just how well it works - but if it can rid the streets of some of our most persistent troublemakers it will have been well worth the effort.

Finally, Wednesday November 3 will be an important day for people concerned with aircraft noise in Putney.

I will be sharing a platform at Putney Methodist Church with John Stewart from the campaign group HACAN as we attempt to explain the threat posed by the Government's plans for more night flights at Heathrow.

This is a great opportunity for the residents of Putney to have their say. The church is at the junction of Upper Richmond Raid and Gwendolen Avenue and the meeting starts at 8pm.

We all value our environment in Putney but the prospect of more aircraft disturbing our sleep before 6am fills many of us with dread. I have even had e-mails from residents saying they are considering moving to get a decent night's rest.

The council and HACAN believe we can fight back against night flights - come to the meeting and find out how!

Edward Lister

October 27, 2004

Edward Lister is the Leader of Wandsworth Council and a member for Putney's Thamesfield ward.

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