Edward Lister is the Leader of Wandsworth Council and a member for Putney's Thamesfield ward.

Putney's creative heart is beating more strongly than ever this year with more than 50 local artists exhibiting their work in this year's Open Studios event.

From Saturday May 31 to June 8 the exhibitors will be throwing open their homes and studios at specific times to show off their work. To help locals get a flavour of what's on offer there's a special showcase at the Putney School of Art and Design from Tuesday May 20.

There's so much talent in Putney - this is a terrific opportunity to see just what some of our more artistic neighbours have been up to over the last year.

Those Putney residents who find it difficult to get back to sleep after the first flight of the day comes into land over their heads will be waiting with bated breath for the news from Strasbourg over the next few days. Campaigners tell me a decision on the bid to get night flights declared illegal is now imminent.

If the European Court comes down on the side of those who want a decent night's sleep there will be fresh calls for the UK Government to finally phase out all early morning arrivals at Heathrow.

There's a lot at stake because in its consultation on the proposed third runway at Heathrow (which closes on June 30) the Government is giving no guarantees that this won't mean more night flights.

The first of a series of walkabouts by leading councillors on Roehampton's Alton Estate got under way this week in Tunworth Crescent. It will be followed by a neighbourhood meeting on May 20.

The idea is to give residents the chance to have their say on how the council has been doing since it took back responsibility for the day-to-day running of the estate - and what they want to see for the future. The same pattern of walkabouts and meetings will be repeated across the estate in the weeks ahead with residents getting full details in advance of where and when these will take place.

Finally some heartening news on council tax from an independent source. A study by the Halifax Bank shows that in the ten years since council tax was introduced bills in Wandsworth have gone up overall by just 30 per cent.

This is the lowest rate of increase for any council in the country. Next door in Richmond the picture is reversed. Bills have gone up here by a whacking 134 per cent in this time - the biggest increase anywhere.

None of this should disguise the difficulties we have faced this year in coping with the loss of Government grant. But it shows that year-in year-out that there is no council in the country that works harder to keep its costs down for residents.


Edward Lister

10th May 2003

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