"Open Robin Hood Gate to Richmond Park", says Tony Colman

as research proves high impact on local roads


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Traffic figures lead to call to reopen gate

Tony Colman MP Protests Against Continuing Closure of Robin Hood Gate

The research on the impact of the closure of Robin Hood Gate has been published and shows a shocking 30% increase in traffic on Roehampton Lane.

Tony Colman met with Lord Andrew Mackintosh, Minister for the Royal Parks, last Tuesday (1 February) to press him to reopen the Gate.

He commented,

"The impact of the closure is clear to everyone with terrible effects of noxious fumes and rat-running on the people of Roehampton."

He further asked for pedestrian entrances into the Park from the Alton Estate,

"It is crazy that the only way to get into the park is now by climbing over the fence. It may be a Royal Park but everyone - especially locals - must be able to enjoy its facilities."

February 2, 2005