ISSUE:     Richmond Park closure to traffic

90 per cent say NO to closures on Council survey

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Wandsworth Council has urged Richmond Park bosses to rethink their refusal to attend a public meeting for people in Roehampton concerned about plans to restrict vehicle access to the park after a council survey produced a massive 3,500 written responses. You can submit your on-line response to this survey before October 25th 2002.(extended date)

With returns still coming in town hall officials report opposition to the
Robin Hood Gate closure running at 90% with 93% saying no to the closure of Pen Ponds car park.

The Roehampton meeting will take place at 7.30pm on Tuesday, 1 October in the Portrait Room, Froebel College, Roehampton Lane.

The meeting is one of three being held by the local authorities which border the park - Wandsworth, Kingston and Richmond.

The RPA had previously told the boroughs that it would not attend any of the meetings to defend its controversial proposals. It said that its presence would only 'elevate the emotional stakes'.

The council included a questionnaire on the plans for people in Putney and Roehampton in its July issue of Brightside, the civic newspaper.

Early analysis of the responses reveals widespread concern that preventing cars coming into the park by Robin Hood Gate will encourage more traffic to use Roehampton Lane and Clarence Lane or rat-run through Alton Road.

There are fears too at the prospect of delays for many local bus services.

The proposal to close the Pen Ponds car park has attracted the highest level of opposition. For elderly visitors and families with young children this is the only realistic way of getting access to the heart of the park.

Cabinet member for regeneration and transport Kathy Tracey said:

"The level of public opposition to the closure plans exceeds even our own estimates. It shows the council was right to run its own public consultation after the RPA refused to do this.

"The RPA is a Government body. It really cannot ignore concerns on this scale. We have reissued our invitation for parks managers to attend our public meeting. It will send out a terrible message to local people if the meeting has to go ahead without anyone present from the RPA to defend their proposals."

The meeting will be chaired by Cllr Tracey while council traffic engineers will be on hand to spell out the implications of the closure options.

The RPA have said they will consider all comments received by October 25.

You can find out more about the RPA's plans for the park on on their web site

10 September 2002


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