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Peter Duffy argues against the plans for restricting traffic in Richmond Park

Regarding the closure proposals put forward by the RPA and others, I would like to express my opposition to the schemes outlined, and support the position taken by the Richmond Council Environment Committee in their statement of 7th December last.

While the cause of peace and quiet in the park deserves serious attention in view of the increased traffic through the park, the measures proposed cannot be defended on the basis of a diminution of noise or disturbance because much the most serious cause of those is air traffic flying in to Heathrow, with the noise of the A3 a close or distant second, according to wind directions. The proposals will only heighten the impact of these more serious nuisances.

Peak use of the roads in the Park occurs when I am using it early in the morning. I do not find it a great disturbance, and neither does anyone else - because there is almost no one else there. Peak use during the week-ends in the summer is becoming serious, but insofar as far more people continue to go there, then by definition the disturbance cannot be too serious, or they would, like me, go elsewhere.

One is tempted to look for the hidden agenda in moves such as this - principally budgetary. Reduced policing costs - much reduced highway maintenance costs, and so on. Why not just close the whole thing except to Grace and Favour residents and and you would have almost no costs at all?

Yours despairingly,

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2nd August, 2001

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