Edward Lister is the Leader of Wandsworth Council and a member for Putney's Thamesfield ward.




Car tax dodgers beware! From April 23 the council will be clamping untaxed vehicles and removing them within 24 hours. No one can say they haven't been warned. Council staff started plastering brightly coloured warning notices on offending vehicles last month - the first was a white Renault van in Southfields.

If that vehicle or any others we find are still not displaying a tax disc when we go back on the 23rd the owner will be given 24 hours to pay up - or we will tow the car away.

Where a car has simply been abandoned we will be able to clear away the clutter once and for all. But in all cases this latest Wandsworth crackdown should help the Government recover thousands of pounds in unpaid tax. Money of course which we would like to see spent on improving public transport in the capital!

Coming up before then is the planning application for the garden centre site in Dryburgh Road. I have already expressed my view that the scheme as proposed is simply too big for this site and will be urging planning committee members to reject it at their meeting on April 16.

I am delighted to see the Borough Planner is recommending refusal on this scheme - highlighting in particular concerns not just about the scale and design of the development but also the way it relates to surrounding properties in the conservation area.

Confirmation arrived this week that the council's hard line with the Royal Parks has paid off. The Government quango has been forced to admit that it boobed badly in trying to close Richmond Park's Robin Hood Gate without proper consultation and consideration of the impact on people in Roehampton.

Government lawyers have told the agency that they must start again. That means proper consideration of all the options - including a 'no change' position. They cannot assume they can simply go through the motions and all will be well. They must be able to demonstrate they are approaching this with an open mind and are prepared to take on board all relevant matters.

This is great news for Roehampton residents who will be spared the inevitable traffic chaos that would have ensued if the closure had gone ahead. It's also good news for anyone from the East Putney, Southfields and West Hill areas who have to use this gate to get into the park and enjoy this wonderful piece of country in the city.

Sadly no such relief is in prospect for Putney and Roehampton residents kept awake by night flights. Last year's landmark decision by the European Court that these flights violated human rights will now be challenged by the UK Government. The council which backed the group of west London residents who brought the case has said it will dig deep into its pockets to defend the appeal.

What this means of course that any protection for local people from night flights will be lost even before Terminal Five is built. That's why we have to fight this battle to the bitter end.

Edward Lister
Leader of the Council

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