Edward Lister is the Leader of Wandsworth Council and a member for Putney's Thamesfield ward.




A major step forward this week in the plans by St Mary's Church to build a new and much-needed community hall.

The one thing the church needed to make the project work - and get the best possible facilities - was ownership of the old bus garage wall which adjoins their land.

Now thanks to a common-sense deal struck between the Revd Dr Giles Fraser and the developers (St George) for Putney Wharf the funds for this vital scheme in the heart of Putney now look like falling into place.

Not such cheering news on other parts of the Putney Wharf development. Like many residents in Deodar Road I have been concerned at the scale of the buildings proposed on the Castle pub site.

I have no doubt that St George will have to take a close look at their proposals - and their impact on Deodar Road properties - if they want them to go forward.

St George are also being put on the spot over their just-announced intentions to demolish and rebuild the Isherwood building which is so important to the overall development.

You can be assured that the council will push the developer as hard as it needs to to get the right solution for both this unique building and the surrounding landscaping.

With a planning application only just arrived it really is vitally important that local people familiarise themselves with all aspects of the scheme so they can make their views heard.

People living close to the Lower Richmond Road will I am sure find the new 485 route planned by London Buses a useful service. When it starts in September it will connect Barnes and Richmond in one direction and Wandsworth in the other.

The council will still press for a direct link to Hammersmith from this part of Putney - plus a stop at Barnes Station for the 485 - but we do welcome this improvement in local public transport services.

Roehampton residents forced to travel to St George's Hospital, Tooting since the closure oft Queen Mary's will also have a new service. The new 493 will go via Wimbledon - but doesn't this underline just what a wrong-headed decision it was to shut Queen Mary's and deprive so many people of a local and easily accessible hospital?

The news from Queen Mary's itself remains less than encouraging with the promised replacement hospital still at least three years away - if building work can ever start.

Meanwhile the minor injuries unit which was meant to stay open from 7am to 11pm has had its hours cut to 8 to 8. All this is such a sad reminder of what we have lost here.

With the Easter weekend coming and fine weather forecast many of us will be looking forward to a day of excitement at the Boat Race. There will also be the chance over the holiday for a more leisurely stroll in Richmond Park.

The Royal Parks were originally intending to close Robin Hood Gate the day after Easter Monday. That would have made getting to the park a nightmare for many visitors from our borough and brought extra traffic into Roehampton.

So it's good news that the council's tough stance has forced a climbdown from the people who run the park - with the result that this key gate will now remain open right through the summer.

Edward Lister
Leader of the Council

You can contact Edward Lister at the Town Hall on 0208 871 6041 or by email at

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