MP voices concern about lack of review on gate closure

Minister for Parks promises release of data on Robin Hood Gate

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Tony Colman MP voiced his concern that there is still no review data available about the impact of the closure of Robin Hood Gate. Today he met with the Minister with responsibility for the Royal Parks - Lord Andrew McIntosh. The Minister, Mackintosh agreed with Tony Colman. Mackintosh said, "it was deeply unsatisfactory that data was not available". He apologised and will follow up.

The Minister agreed to contact Transport for London and ask them to hold off on the implementation of bus lanes on Roehampton Lane. These lanes should be needed only if the gate remains closed.

The gate was closed on 26 August and should have been reviewed on 26 November. It is now mid-January and no review data is yet available.

The Minister will come back to Tony Colman and to Wandsworth Borough Council as soon as data is available. It is understood that it is Transport for London that is holding the data up.

Tony Colman said, "The impact of closure has been appalling for people of the Alton Estate and particularly concerned for the health of children attending Roehampton Church School and Sacred Heart Primary School".

14th January 2004

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