Distraction Burglary Warning To Putney & Wandsworth Residents

Police urge care - and call the police if you feel the caller is bogus

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Police in Wandsworth are reminding residents not to open their door if they are unsure about the caller and to phone police if they think the caller is bogus.

Between 4th June and 10th September this year, 10 residential distraction burglary type offences have taken place in Wandsworth, which have involved the suspect(s) claiming to be doing something to do with water; either plumbers, builders or water-board officials required to do urgent work to fix a problem, usually a leak, sometimes radiators or taps, clearing drains or fixing a washing machine. Recently they have claimed to be testing the quality of the water.

DI Darren Hassard of Wandsworth's Priority Crime Unit said:
"We urge people beware of bogus callers and to be vigilant. The people carrying out these offences often claim there is some sort of leak, burst pipe, problem with boilers or urgent work that needs to be carried out, in order to scare and intimidate their victims into letting them in. If you think the caller is bogus dial 999."

"Be aware that it is extremely rare for a water board representative to require access to a customer's property and on the rare occasion where access is required, the water board will contact the customer beforehand."

He continued:
"Please keep an eye out for your neighbours, especially those who are elderly or vulnerable. If you see anything suspicious take down any suspect description or vehicle details and contact the police on 999."

September 14, 2010