Householder gets the bill for new trees

Man had felled mature oak in back garden

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The council has re-planted nine trees in the back garden of a Putney property after they had been cut down by a previous landowner.

The owner had felled a mature oak and other protected trees on land at the rear of the large detached property at 35 Keswick Road. He had subsequently ignored a legal notice to replace them.

Following action by the council's planning applications committee a tree replacement order was served in March this year requiring the owner to replace nine trees.

When he still failed to respond, the council stepped in and planted nine new trees close to the boundary with properties in Laker Place.

The total costs of the work were £1,350 which will now have to be repaid to the council.

Planning applications chairman Leslie McDonnell said, "Where trees are healthy and protected by law there can be no excuse for cutting them down. This applies whether the action is designed simply to create more space in the garden or clear the ground to make way for new backland development. There is a clear message here for all property and land-owners. If trees are protected they cannot be removed without the council's approval."

For advice on planning and preservation issues affecting trees in private gardens call the Borough Planner on 020 8871 6631.

July 21, 2006