West Putney Safer Neighbourhoods Team seize mopeds

involved in anti–social behaviour


Class A Drugs & Ammunition Siezed In West Putney

West Putney SNT

Roehampton SNT

Quill Lane - No Cycle Zone

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Police in Putney

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As a result of intelligence gathered by the West Putney and Roehampton Safer Neighborhoods Teams, mopeds are being seized because the riders are being involved in anti-social behavior.

The mopeds are being seized using Sec. 59 of the Police Reform Act 2002. The legislation gives police the power in respect of a motor vehicle he/she has reasonable grounds to believe is being used or has been used in such a way as to cause or be likely to cause alarm, distress, or annoyance to members of the public. The rider / owner will initially be given a warning under Sec. 59 not to ride the moped in such a manner. The warning lasts for twelve months.

As a result or a failure to adhere to the warning the moped will subsequently be seized and taken to a secure Metropolitan Police Garage. The owner will then have to provide their insurance tax/mot and proof of ownership along with a fine of £105 and £12 per day storage. The moped must be claimed back within 7 days.

PC Sarah Hook of West Putney SNT said
‘Due to concerns raised by the local community West Putney Safer Neighborhoods Team are currently working in partnership with the Roehampton Safer Neighborhoods Team in order to tackle the riding of mopeds anti socially, in turn catching riders who do not have licenses and are uninsured. This is part of an ongoing investigation and valuable intelligence was gathered for the issue of warnings in the future.

One recent example of how this works: within the last month a youth was reported to be riding anti socially around the Dover House Estate and surrounding roads. This included riding over park areas, riding without a helmet or riding the wrong way up a one-way street. He was issued with a warning, which he breached within 24 hours.

Officers from West Putney SNT therefore attended his home address and seized his moped the following day. The youth was not very happy. Especially as he had no moped and a hefty fine if he wanted it back.’

June 6, 2008