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Welcome to your Roehampton Ward Safer Neighbourhoods Team newsletter. This newsletter will introduce you to your ward-based policing team and provide you with ward news, meetings, crime prevention advice and how you can contact your local SNT officers. Your comments and feedback on this newsletter would be welcome

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Roehampton Safer Neighbourhoods can be contacted in the following ways:
Telephone: 0208 247 7681 or Mobile : 0208 649 3551

Please always dial 999 in an emergency!

Crime Figures For a full West Putney breakdown:

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The Roehampton Ward Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) consists of
PS Mark McLeavery
PC John Frame
PC Andrew Voong
PCSO Marco Serrano
PCSO Fuad Osman
PCSO Lisa Burke
PCSO Noel Perkins
PCSO Claire Fairman
PCSO Nicky Edwardes

We are here specifically to address local, non-emergency issues that affect your quality of life. We are tasked with patrolling your ward, getting to know the people who live and work here and listening to the issues that are important to you. Please stop us and speak to us if you see us walking around or contact the Team on the number or e-mail address below.

Motor Vehicle Crime

We have had a slight increase in Motor vehicle Crime. Please follow these tips to stop yourself being a victim. Sat Nav equipment is becoming more popular with thieves.
- Remove sat nav’s, their cradles & suction pads when you leave.
- Wipe suction pad marks from the windscreen or dashboard.
- Don’t leave equipment in the glove compartment, as thieves will usually target this first. Leave you glove box open.
- Make sure your vehicle is locked secure.

Ward News
- The council with our help have recently evicted the tenants of a flat in Dunbridge House, Highcliffe Drive. The occupiers were believed to be involved in drug dealing and Drug use.
- We have arrested two people for burglary. This has resulted in a decrease in the number of reported burglaries.
- We have recently arrested someone for robbery. Investigations are ongoing.
- On Sunday 9 th November the Team attended The Holy Trinity Church for The Remembrance Day Service.

Halloween and Fireworks Patrols

Over the Halloween and Fireworks period we increased our patrols for a 2-week period to insure the maximum amount of visibility. We confiscated roughly 35 fireworks and our team alone conducted 123 stop and accounts. Between the Putney and Wandsworth Teams we conducted 460 stop and accounts, 210 stop and searches and 14 arrests with positive results.

Street Meeting

On Sunday 28th September 2008 PCSO Lisa BURKE along with the rest of the Team held a street meeting at Putney Vale. The residents were able to voice their concerns around anti-social behaviour and other issues affecting the local area.

Local residents turned out in force and raised several key issues that will be fed back to the ward panel for a decision on prioritisation. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who attended. In return residents were provided with crime prevention advice and information from their Safer Neighbourhoods Team.

Ward Meeting

This is your chance to bring any concerns or matters that may affect you to our attention. It is also a good opportunity to meet our Safer Neighbourhoods Team and discuss community issues. All are welcome and we hope to see as many of you there as possible.

Police/Public Surgeries

Our surgeries are a chance for you to come and talk to us in private about any concerns you have. It is open to anyone so please come along to our office at 37 Holybourne Avenue, Roehampton SW15.

Dates and Times for 2009

Tuesday 24th March at 6.30pm
Roehampton SNT Puble Meeting

Minstead Gardens Pensioners Club, Minstead Gardens, Roehampton, SW15.
If there are any points you would like to raise, please attend!

From One Sergeant To Another

At the beginning of November the Team were appointed a new Sergeant, PS Mark McLeavery. His previous role was bases on a response team at Wandsworth Police Station where he dealt with 999 calls and crime issues on the borough including a role as custody sergeant. “I welcome the challenge of working with such a committed team and hope to develop and continue the good work already achieved in Roehampton. I’m looking forward to working closely with my new team to improve the safety and general environment of your local area and hope to meet you soon”.

Our previous Sergeant Peter Salmon has now transferred to Sutton borough where he has been promoted to Inspector. I’m sure you will join us in wishing Inspector Salmon all the best in his new role. He will be sadly missed.

  March 16, 2009