Three local teenagers convicted and sent to jail

for mugging concert pianist

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Karl LutchmayerThe trial against the three teenage muggers of top concert pianist, Karl Lutchmayer (pictured left) concluded with all three defendants being convicted of robbery on Wednesday 8 March at Woolwich Crown Court. A 16-year-old (male) from Putney received a five-year sentence; a 16-year-old and 13-year-old (both male) from Battersea both received two-year sentences.

Mr Lutchmayer, 36, from Battersea was attacked by the gang as he walked through York Gardens in Battersea on April 29 2005. They knocked him to the ground and used a piece of wood to rain blows on his head and body, before stealing his wallet, briefcase and suit carrier.

Detective Constable John Williams from the Priority Crime Unit in Wandsworth was the investigating officer. He said:

“Thanks to a good initial investigation by response team officers, who were ably assisted by Safer Neighbourhoods’ officers with knowledge of who could have been behind the mugging. We were able to pursue these strong leads and bring to court those responsible for this vicious attack. Mr Lutchmayer has been left with lasting effects and we wish him all the best in his effort to build for a brighter future.”

March 13, 2006