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The latest data from the Land Registry is showing that the average price of a Putney property sold during December was £501,317 compared to £471,227 in November.

This is back up to peak levels seen during September. Volumes were also encouraging for estate agents despite concerns about global financial market conditions.

The month saw three properties change hands for over one million pounds one of which went for over three million.

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21-Dec-07 12, Beverley Cottages SW15 3RR
21-Dec-07 13, Windermere Road SW15 3QP
21-Dec-07 61, Flat B, Lower Richmond Road SW15 1ET
20-Dec-07 13, Beverley Cottages SW15 3RR
20-Dec-07 55, Dover House Road SW15 5AA
20-Dec-07 15, Nursery Close SW15 6AS
20-Dec-07 73, Flat 48, Upper Richmond Road SW15 2SR
20-Dec-07 Balliol House, Flat 22, Manor Fields SW15 3LL
20-Dec-07 112, Dowdeswell Close SW15 5RL
20-Dec-07 16, Westhorpe Road SW15 1QH
20-Dec-07 27, Ruvigny Gardens SW15 1JR
20-Dec-07 67, The Basement Flat, Lower Richmond Road SW15 1ET
19-Dec-07 Fairlawns, Flat 12, Putney Hill SW15 6BD
19-Dec-07 20, Ground Floor Flat, Chelverton Road SW15 1RH
19-Dec-07 27, Ludovick Walk SW15 5LE
18-Dec-07 38a Criterion House, Flat 2, Putney Hill SW15 6AQ
17-Dec-07 18, Normanby Close SW15 2RL
17-Dec-07 Wharncliffe House, Flat 4, Whitnell Way SW15 6BX
17-Dec-07 84, Friars Avenue SW15 3DU
17-Dec-07 38a Criterion House, Flat 5, Putney Hill SW15 6AQ
17-Dec-07 March Court, Flat 29, Warwick Drive SW15 6LE
17-Dec-07 Cromwell House, Flat 6, Aubyn Square SW15 5NF
14-Dec-07 Humphry House, Flat 14, Whitnell Way SW15 6DG
14-Dec-07 104, Westleigh Avenue SW15 6UZ
14-Dec-07 26, Norroy Road SW15 1PF
14-Dec-07 9, Grasmere Avenue SW15 3RB
14-Dec-07 38a Criterion House, Flat 10, Putney Hill SW15 6AQ
14-Dec-07 72a, Disraeli Road SW15 2DX
14-Dec-07 17 20 Westmore Court, Flat 37, Carlton Drive SW15 2BU
14-Dec-07 Grosvenor Court, Flat 29, Rayners Road SW15 2AX
14-Dec-07 7, Charlwood Terrace SW15 1NZ
14-Dec-07 6, Atney Road SW15 2PS
14-Dec-07 Somerset Lodge, Flat 4, Briar Walk SW15 6UE
14-Dec-07 38a Criterion House, Flat 8, Putney Hill SW15 6AQ
14-Dec-07 82, First Floor Flat, Bendemeer Road SW15 1JU
13-Dec-07 21, Marrick Close SW15 5RA
13-Dec-07 38a Criterion House, Flat 3, Putney Hill SW15 6AQ
13-Dec-07 38a Criterion House, Flat 6, Putney Hill SW15 6AQ
13-Dec-07 33, Newnes Path SW15 5JA
13-Dec-07 439, Clarence Lane SW15 5QD
12-Dec-07 22 Marlin House, Flat 9, St Johns Avenue SW15 2AA
12-Dec-07 95, Harbridge Avenue SW15 4HA
11-Dec-07 38a Criterion House, Flat 11, Putney Hill SW15 6AQ
10-Dec-07 Halcyon Place, Flat 7, Keswick Road SW15 2DL
10-Dec-07 2, Flat 15, Brewhouse Lane SW15 2JH
10-Dec-07 11, Scott Avenue SW15 3PA
07-Dec-07 20, Roedean Crescent SW15 5JU
07-Dec-07 Millbrooke Court, Flat 10, Keswick Road SW15 2RA
07-Dec-07 16 Lusher House, Flat 6, Kersfield Road SW15 3HD
07-Dec-07 Grayswood Point, Flat 14, Norley Vale SW15 4BT
07-Dec-07 3, Seaton Close SW15 3TJ
07-Dec-07 3, Flat 3, Woodborough Road SW15 6PX
07-Dec-07 33, Pentlow Street SW15 1LX
07-Dec-07 3 Shelburne Court, Flat 42, Carlton Drive SW15 2DQ
07-Dec-07 1, Seaton Close SW15 3TJ
07-Dec-07 75a, Fawe Park Road SW15 2EG
07-Dec-07 22, Flat C, Spencer Walk SW15 1PL
06-Dec-07 36, First Floor Flat At, Bendemeer Road SW15 1JU
06-Dec-07 79a, Felsham Road SW15 1BA
06-Dec-07 Portsea House, Flat 13, Petersfield Rise SW15 4AG
06-Dec-07 16, The First Floor Flat At, Clarendon Drive SW15 1AA
05-Dec-07 33, Laverstoke Gardens SW15 4JB
05-Dec-07 38a Criterion House, Flat 7, Putney Hill SW15 6AQ
03-Dec-07 Fairburn Court, Flat 10, St Johns Avenue SW15 2AU
03-Dec-07 53, Norroy Road SW15 1PH
03-Dec-07 19, Ground Floor Flat, Langside Avenue SW15 5QT
03-Dec-07 37, Bective Road SW15 2QA
03-Dec-07 Keswick Heights, Flat 15, Keswick Road SW15 2JR
03-Dec-07 19, Roehampton Close SW15 5LU


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May 8, 2008