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The latest data from the Land Registry is showing that the average price of a Putney property sold during November was £471,227 compared to £498,488 in October.

The month saw six properties change hands for over one million pounds one of which went for over two million.

The average property in SW15 reached a new record in the third quarter of this year and broke through the half a million pound mark. These latest numbers suggest that the property market has continued to rise since then despite concerns about global financial markets and Northern Rock.

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30-Nov-07 13, Redgrave Road SW15 1PX
30-Nov-07 15, Stroud Crescent SW15 3EL
30-Nov-07 5, Putney Heath Lane SW15 3JG
30-Nov-07 Westmark Point, Flat 39, Norley Vale SW15 4BX
30-Nov-07 Gosport House, Flat 14, Bessborough Road SW15 4BW
30-Nov-07 217 Percy Laurie House, Flat 35, Upper Richmond Road SW15 6SY
30-Nov-07 Longmoor Point, Flat 15, Norley Vale SW15 4BU
30-Nov-07 March Court, Flat 1, Warwick Drive SW15 6LE
30-Nov-07 5, Cedar Mews SW15 6ED
30-Nov-07 20 Repton House, Flat 29, Scott Avenue SW15 3PB
30-Nov-07 20 Repton House, Flat 21, Scott Avenue SW15 3PB
30-Nov-07 1 Grosvenor Court, 39, Rayners Road SW15 2AX
30-Nov-07 30, Flat 5, Atney Road SW15 2PS
30-Nov-07 Stoatley House, Flat 18, Bessborough Road SW15 4BP
30-Nov-07 12a, Flat B, Putney High Street SW15 1SL
29-Nov-07 Halcyon Place, Flat 9, Keswick Road SW15 2DL
29-Nov-07 Halcyon Place, Flat 10, Keswick Road SW15 2DL
29-Nov-07 Halcyon Place, Flat 5, Keswick Road SW15 2DL
29-Nov-07 Halcyon Place, Flat 8, Keswick Road SW15 2DL
29-Nov-07 Halcyon Place, Flat 1, Keswick Road SW15 2DL
29-Nov-07 Fairlawns, Flat 9, Putney Hill SW15 6BD
29-Nov-07 4, Angel Mews SW15 4HU
29-Nov-07 211, Roehampton Lane SW15 4LD
29-Nov-07 36, St Johns Avenue SW15 6AN
28-Nov-07 345 Charles Court, Flat 9 Penthouse, Upper Richmond Road SW15 6XP
28-Nov-07 22, Evenwood Close SW15 2DA
28-Nov-07 Copse Court, Flat 1, Evenwood Close SW15 2DE
27-Nov-07 Halcyon Place, Flat 4, Keswick Road SW15 2DL
27-Nov-07 225, Flat C, Roehampton Lane SW15 4LB
26-Nov-07 34, Lower Richmond Road SW15 1JP
23-Nov-07 23, Hobbes Walk SW15 5AQ
23-Nov-07 Harwood Court, Flat 210, Upper Richmond Road SW15 6JG
23-Nov-07 Ramsdean House, Flat 9, Petersfield Rise SW15 4AJ
23-Nov-07 5, Modder Place SW15 1PA
23-Nov-07 9, Oakhill Place SW15 2QN
21-Nov-07 176, The Top Floor, West Hill SW15 3SL
21-Nov-07 Chalford Court, 1, Putney Hill SW15 6QR
20-Nov-07 22, Commondale SW15 1HS
20-Nov-07 45, Derwent Avenue SW15 3RA
19-Nov-07 171, Hayward Gardens SW15 3BX
19-Nov-07 16, Flat 1, Carlton Drive SW15 2BD
16-Nov-07 Lavington Stables, 2, Vandyke Close SW15 3JH
16-Nov-07 75, Harbridge Avenue SW15 4HA
16-Nov-07 1 Kings Court, Flat 8, Bessborough Road SW15 4AB
16-Nov-07 8, Roehampton Vale SW15 3RY
15-Nov-07 124, Arabella Drive SW15 5LG
15-Nov-07 39, Tildesley Road SW15 3AA
14-Nov-07 101 107 Downholme, Flat 14, Upper Richmond Road SW15 2TH
14-Nov-07 101, Vale Crescent SW15 3PL
14-Nov-07 Ramsdean House, Flat 12, Petersfield Rise SW15 4AJ
14-Nov-07 Highlands Heath, Flat 124a, Portsmouth Road SW15 3TZ
14-Nov-07 4 6, Flat 2, Oxford Road SW15 2LF
13-Nov-07 24 Kemble Hall, Flat 10, Keswick Road SW15 2JP
09-Nov-07 Halcyon Place, Flat 3, Keswick Road SW15 2DL
09-Nov-07 39, Fawe Park Road SW15 2EB
08-Nov-07 Ross Court, Flat 50, Putney Hill SW15 3NZ
08-Nov-07 54, Vale Crescent SW15 3PN
08-Nov-07 8, Newnes Path SW15 5JB
08-Nov-07 Garden Royal, Flat 11, Kersfield Road SW15 3HE
08-Nov-07 106 Dorland Court, Flat 2, West Hill SW15 2UG
07-Nov-07 35, Flat 4, Gwendolen Avenue SW15 6EP
06-Nov-07 83, Medfield Street SW15 4JY
06-Nov-07 57 Lyle Park, Flat 15, Putney Hill SW15 6RZ
06-Nov-07 1, Lantern Close SW15 5QS
05-Nov-07 18, Lower Park SW15 6QY
05-Nov-07 28, Langside Avenue SW15 5QT
02-Nov-07 Harwood Court, Flat 2, Upper Richmond Road SW15 6JD
02-Nov-07 13, Westhorpe Road SW15 1QH
02-Nov-07 15, Felsham Road SW15 1AX
02-Nov-07 89, Vale Crescent SW15 3PL
02-Nov-07 Glenalmond House, Flat 3, Manor Fields SW15 3LP
02-Nov-07 4, Landford Road SW15 1AG
02-Nov-07 39, Lytton Grove SW15 2EZ
02-Nov-07 34, Fairdale Gardens SW15 6JW
02-Nov-07 25, St Margarets Crescent SW15 6HL
02-Nov-07 9, Kendal Place SW15 2QZ
01-Nov-07 7, Westleigh Avenue SW15 6RF
01-Nov-07 5, Henty Walk SW15 5AG
01-Nov-07 5, Flat J, Colinette Road SW15 6QG
01-Nov-07 59 61 Heath Royal, Flat 16, Putney Hill SW15 3JN
01-Nov-07 32, Ludovick Walk SW15 5LE
01-Nov-07 218, Tildesley Road SW15 3BG
01-Nov-07 27, Westleigh Avenue SW15 6RQ


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September 12, 2008