Drivers stuck on A3

asked to imagine being immobile by Royal Hospital for Neur-disability

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Staff and volunteers from the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability have been asking drivers on the A3 to remember the patients of the hospital as they drive past it each day.

While they may find the progress of the traffic slow and frustrating, for many of the hospital's patients, regaining even limited movement is a great achievement. The aim is to educate motorists about the work which goes on at the hospital and encourage them to support it.

The activity is taking place at selected times till Friday 21st May. Drivers are given leaflets about the hospital while they are stationary in the traffic. Supporters talk to passing pedestrians and hold banners with the message 'Help us keep things moving' and the hospital's website address,, where they can find further information.

So far the response has been good. Drivers stuck in traffic have been keen to ask questions about the hospital and several donations have been sent to the hospital in response to the information.

May 14, 2004