Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability - finding ability in disability


Many lives are touched by neuro-disability. Most of us know somebody who has suffered damage to the brain or nervous system. Common causes are traffic accidents, assaults, strokes and illnesses, such as multiple sclerosis or Huntington's disease. Often those affected are young people, with much unfulfilled potential and long years of happy life seemingly cut short.

The Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability is a national medical charity, not part of the NHS. It specialises in treating the most serious of these disabilities. Based on West Hill, Putney, experienced and expert staff ensure that each person is given the best available care. Here, with hard work and patience, people with neuro-disabilities are given the chance to lead more independent lives.  
  Every day we help someone regain a precious ability, lost through brain injury or disease. Abilities and life skills that many people perhaps take for granted. Each regained ability represents a huge achievement for the patient, and a significant milestone of hope for their families.

In 2004 the Royal Hospital will celebrate its 150th Anniversary. It has been a part of the Putney community since 1857 and continues to play an active role, hosting sports events for local schools in the hospital grounds, running education and awareness campaigns with schools, hosting events for local businesses and community groups in our historic reception rooms and speaking at community events. The hospital also gives Putney people a chance to take part in events and activities that they otherwise may not have considered, including the London Marathon and parachute jumps.

In turn, the community is also very important to the hospital. We currently have 150 volunteers from the local area who play a vital role providing recreational activities for the patients. Volunteers also help with fundraising activities and the Putney community have always been generous.

Many local businesses are very supportive of the work of the hospital. Capsticks solicitors, Allan Fuller Estate Agents, and Russell Cooke Solicitors are among those who have developed a good relationship with the hospital.

Each week the hospital must raise £40,000 to continue to provide the treatment and care our patients and residents need, so your continued support is greatly appreciated.

To find out more about the work of the Royal Hospital and ways that you can get involved, please visit our website,, email or contact 020 8785 7844.

Thank you.

Reg Charity No: 205907