Weekend of Song and Dance raises £12,000

for the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability


The Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability is a national medical charity, not part of the NHS, which relies on voluntary donations to be able to continue and expand its work.

Events have a key role in raising funds and awareness of the hospital’s work. If you would like details of future events, or if you are interested in running an event in aid of the Royal Hospital, please contact Alex Lee on 020 8780 4563 or email: alee@rhn.org.uk.

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The Royal Hospital has played host to an evening of ScottishReeling and an open-air concert by the Fever Pitch choir. The events, held over a weekend, raised £12,000 for the hospital, and marked the start of summer activities in the hospital’s busy events calendar.

The Scottish Reel is an annual event organised by volunteers, Carol and Colin Mackay, which is now in its 8th year. Over 100 people took part in Friday (10 June) night’s dances, accompanied by music from a traditional piper.

The Fever Pitch choir were performing with the Kew Symphonia for the first time at the Royal Hospital on Saturday night (11 June). 250 concertgoers enjoyed picnics on the lawn and were entertained with music ranging from Handel to Cole Porter, before the evening ended with a fireworks display.

Gaz Daly, Director of Fundraising at the hospital, thanked all those who helped to draw these events together: “The events were an overwhelming success, which we hope to grow and repeat next year. Special thanks to hospital volunteers, Carol and Colin Mackay for the Scottish Reel and Magdalena Beevor for the concert. They have worked extremely hard to organise these events in aid of the hospital, helping us towards our annual fundraising target of £2.5million.”

June 16, 2005