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In this week's diary for our MP covers the effects of our Easter diet, Olympics 2012 & parenting ......

tony colman putneyAfter Easter

We all shared the indulgence of chocolate Easter Eggs and the egg hunts, but it does also bring up the worry of obesity from over indulgence. I was informed by the BBC that they are reviewing their licensing of characters to food products looking at levels of salt, sugar and fats - and labelling: this is a good move that I endorse. But should advertising of fattening products be curtailed or are we becoming too much of a nanny state?

Olympics London 2012

The London Borough of Wandsworth Planning Committee this month reviewed the plans for the Lea Valley site. I support the bid but would like the transport links to South London (and Putney) be emphasised. I have long supported the proposed Chelsea/ Hackney Line (Crossrail 2) that would finish at the Olympics site - and start in Wimbledon, go via East Putney, Clapham, the Power Station and onto Victoria and Chelsea. Could the London Borough of Wandsworth and I campaign more on this: I have pressed Barbara Cassani on the importance of the route. I have with Martin Linton MP (Battersea) supported the extension of the East London line to Clapham Junction. Transport links to the site are crucial.

Parenting and the need for access by both parents

I am very pleased that the new Citizenship curriculum in our schools covers the area of parenting. Being a parent is the most difficult thing a human being does: I am still learning after bringing up 8 children. The responsibilities are not easy especially today when the family support structure is often missing - and the housing conditions of many families are not as they should be. I do everything I can to help.

Particularly distressing is when one parent does not allow the other parent to have access to their children. This can be very cruel, especially to the children. The outspoken comments of Mr Justice Mumby earlier this month for urgent reform of the family justice system are welcome. I believe all fit parents should be entitled to parenting time with their children, notwithstanding separation from the other parent.

I am Secretary of the All-Party-Child-Abduction Group in Parliament and see the untold misery when a parent abducts his/her children to other countries.

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April 22nd, 2004

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