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3 questions were submitted this month - Joe Royle is currently on leave and the answers have been submitted by Steve Kemsley The Supt. Operations, Partnerships & Problem Solving :


JR: If you would like to see how well our Borough is performing then please visit
If you click on our borough, and then follow the link to your ward. It's a good site and compares this years figures to
those of last year.

Crime figures down in April 2005

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When are Putney wards going to get Safer Neighbourhood Officers?

SK: Putney already has two full SN Teams - Roehampton and West Putney. The role out of the other teams has not been finalised - as with everything it depends on funding coming in to pay for the new officers. At this time we expect to have growth of 5 or 6 more teams 'delivered' to us next April, some of these will begin in Putney.

I am also pleased to let you know that I have increased the size of the Roehampton Team by another Police Constable and also another PCSO. They will join the team on July 4th.

To ensure that there are no breaks or inconsistencies in how we police the borough, I have put an 'advance team' on all of the other wards of one Police Constable and one Police Community Support Officer. The PCs are already there, PCSO's will join their new wards on July 4th.

A list of the contact details for the teams on each ward will be available via during the next week. There will also be a list on the site giving details of the Ward meetings which will be held in every Ward during July.

These meetings will be held every two months so that the local people can tell their local police about issues that they would like addressing and the officers can give updates on progress.

How many ASBOs have been issued in the Putney area recently?
SK: Four, the details are:

Name Locality Duration ASBO type
Petre Boje Putney SW15 13/01/2004 - 12/01/2006 Stand Alone (s.1)
Alexandru Obreja Putney SW15 13/01/2004 - 12/01/2006 Stand-Alone (s.1)
Anthony Wall Putney SW15 17/06/2004 - 16/06/2007 Stand-Alone (s.1)
Luke Broom Putney SW15 12/08/2004 - 11/08/2006 Post-Conviction (s.1C) this is when the offender is convicted at court and as part of sentencing we ask for an ASBO as well as the normal court penalty.

Do you feel there is a danger that the police could become too target orientated and neglect more serious but difficult to solve crime?

SK: A good question! There are both good and bad points to Targets, as a manager it lets me know in clear terms where I am expected to achieve.

This is not just in line with Govt. targets but also the local targets set for the SN Teams by their Ward Panels.

The police have been through a period where the targets have been very narrow and this has brought the police service up to speed with such accountability. We are now being 'let off the leash' and trusted with a much wider range of targets. Our partners are also being made accountable for these targets.

On the down side, whilst we were limited to just targets on Street Crime (Robbery and Theft from the person) and Burglary, it encouraged us to put all of our resources into those activities. With the widening of the targets and also that local people can now also set their SN Teams local targets then I feel we will be better able to provide a more balanced service to you.

Overall I am satisfied that there are sufficient safeguards in place with regard to us dealing with "more serious but difficult to solve crime" such as Rape and Murder. Please be assured that we have never neglected these crimes in the pursuit of other targets.

June 25, 2005