Crime down in the Putney area in April

Reassurance given over apparent surge in violent crime


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New figures released by the local police show that during the month of April crime was marginally down in the local area.

Overall Total Notifiable offences were down by 0.5% compared with the same month last year but this masks double digit falls in four local wards which contrasted with a 17% increase in the Thamesfield ward.

Alarmingly there has been a very rapid surge the number of wounding offences. The police deny that this reflects an increase in violent crime but say that the apparent increase is down to new powers which have been given to issue fixed penalty notices and much of the increase compared to last year is in the less serious category of Actual Bodily Harm as opposed to Grevious Bodily Harm.

Burglary has fallen by 8.8% in the area but, once again this hasn't been uniform across the local area. The West Putney area has seen a sharp pick up in burglaries during April whereas there were only 4 burglaries in the West Hill ward during the month.

Patterns of motor vehicle crime seem to have changed over the last year with a sharp fall in the number of cars being stolen but an increase in the theft of goods from cars. Crime Prevention Officers are keen to remind residents never to leave items of any value in a parked car. Mobile phones and lap tops are particular favourites of thieves. There are now more bikes than cars being stolen in the Putney area with 40 such thefts in April.

April Putney Sector Crime Figures
  Total notifiable offences Domestic Burglary Wounding (GBH & ABH) Theft From Motor Vehicle
  2004/5 2005/6 Change 2004/5 2005/6
2004/5 2005/6 Change 2004/5 2005/6 Change
West Putney 86 73
8 13
2 4   11 7  
Roehampton 130 110
11 12
7 14   13 10  
Thamesfield 145 170
21 17
9 9   6 17  
East Putney 105 103
17 16
2 8   4 12  
West Hill 88 95
11 4
4 12   7 7  
Total 554 551
68 62
24 47 95.8% 30 46 53.3%

May 27, 2005