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2 questions were submitted this month - Joe Royle the Borough Commander has responded:


JR: If you would like to see how well our Borough is performing then please visit
If you click on our borough, and then follow the link to your ward. It's a good site and compares this years figures to
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Crime figures down in April 2005

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What should one do if youths on bikes are acting suspiciously and obviously with intent to break into cars.

I have seen this on numerous occasions, bikers trying car doors whilst riding in tandem down a street, circling potential cars like vultures etc etc.. Inevitably on my return I see broken glass beside the road where the crime has occurred.

Should I call 999 or is there a better number.

Confronting them is no good as they get very abusive. There is no way I want to put myself or my family at risk for the sake of a wallet or mobile phone that has been left in someone's car.

This is a regular occurrence on Pentlow Street outside Phoenix and a lot of West Putney roads near us.

I am surprised and disappointed the police and the management of the Phoenix have done NOTHING visible to deter this. The youths appear to be free and proud to do as they please apparently unchallenged and undeterred.

JR: We keep in regular contact with our neighbouring boroughs, to build intelligence on crime patterns and suspects that cross borders to operate.Intelligence has revealed that the suspects who commit these offences are travelling into Wandsworth Borough from Fulham.

I want to increase the roll out of Safer Neighbourhood Teams this year and tackling anti-social behaviour is key to developing safe and friendly environments for all our communities. The Putney Safer Neighbourhoods Team (SNT) are liaising with colleagues i n Fulham to identify and target these individuals and arrest them wherever we can

What you describe is obviously unpleasant and rather than challenge the youths yourself, I ask that you and your neighbours work together and keep a report of their movements. An organised neighbourhood watch would also be of great assistance to police and I guarantee that all information will be treated in the strictest confidence.

PC Peter Odelsui is the ward officer for the Putney SNT office and can be contacted on 0208 785 8874. If you reach his answerphone, please leave a message and I guarantee it will be responded to.

We continue to work hard with all our partner s to arrest these youths and with over 700 CCTV cameras scanning Wandsworth, plus the ‘eyes and ears’ of the public, their movements will be monitored and where appropriate, used as evidence.

Knowing what number to call in an emergency will save you valuable time. 999 should only be used when an "immediate" response is required or someone is in imminent danger. By following this policy you are helping the police service deal with those that need our help without delay.


Please could you confirm the date by which the full Safer Neighbourhood will be operative in Thamesfield? We have been told that this comprises 2 police officers, 3 PCSOs and a sergeant and that a full team would be in place by the end of March 2006.

JR:The decision has been agreed that Thamesfield will host a Safer Neighbourhoods Team comprising of a sergeant, two police constables and 3 PCSOs. The date of implementation is yet to be agreed, with it depending on the allocation of resources and funding on the borough, but the team will be within the next financial year.

January 12, 2006