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One question was submitted this month - Joe Royle Borough Commander responds:


JR: If you would like to see how well our Borough is performing then please visit
If you click on our borough, and then follow the link to your ward. It's a good site and compares this years figures to
those of last year.

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As a resident of the high street I'd be really interested to know how many times the police are called out to the McDonald's.
There's been numbers released about the amount of times pubs are the subject of police call outs but I'd be very interested to see how this fast food joint compares.

In the last 3 months we have had 15 calls to McDonalds location. The calls can be either incidents happening outside that location or actually inside the location themselves. A breakdown of the call types are listed below.

3 month period 01/12/06 - 28/02/07
3 assaults
2 Robberies
1 Obstruction
3 Disturbances 
2 Begging (1 linked with assault)
1 Illness
1 miscellaneous
1 Suspects on Premises
1 Assistance Requested

March 16, 2007