New con in town from "Ex-Coalminers"

be warned....


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A local resident has informed us of a new conman in Putney:

"I have just had a second rather unpleasant call, after a lapse of some time, from a chap purporting to be an ex-coalminer. He came to the door at about 6.15pm today trying to sell things from a bag. He had a rather old looking plasticised ID which he waved at me. When I said "Sorry..." I was then hit with an agressive tirade as to how I didn't know what it was like, etc.

This is pretty similar to the last time these people came calling. I understand that it must be rather frustrating to ring on doorbells and get little business, but I am afraid that in this area, we always have people coming around. I have a dog and so felt quite safe, but I would not have liked to be a woman alone or with small children or an elderly person.

I have rung the police and reported this."

June 8, 2005