Roehampton Man Gets 21 Months for Burglary

Charles Barnard caught on scene stealing from bungalow

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On 15th January earlier this year, police were called to reports of a bungalow being burgled in Paddock Way, SW15. A neighbour saw two men walking away with a flat screen television and shouted at them to stop. They put the TV on the ground and fled.

Police arrived at the scene and saw them running away from the premises towards Portsmouth Road. The two men split up and ran away before police were able to arrest them.

The officers cordoned off the surrounding area and called in a dog unit to help them search for the suspects.

Charles Barnard was found crouched down on a roof in Bowling Green Close. He was arrested on suspicion of burglary and taken to Wandsworth police station.

Barnard, aged 27, appeared at Kingston Crown Court on 6th June and pleaded guilty and was sentenced to twenty-one months’ imprisonment for burglary.

The other suspect has yet to be apprehended.

Inspector Paul O’Herlihy, of Wandsworth police, said, “The officers cordoned off the area and worked together to find Barnard. He has been brought to justice and we are determined to continue the crackdown on burglary.”

June 15, 2007