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A Roehampton teenager has been give an anti-social behaviour order after being responsible for what local residents described as a 'wave of terror'.

Under the terms of the order, Oliver Easy pictured left is now banned from entering parts of Roehampton's Alton Estate.

He is no longer allowed to enter an exclusion zone near his home in Danebury Avenue and is also prevented from entering the Roehampton branch of Gregg's Bakery.

The ASBO, which was granted by a district judge sitting at South Western magistrates court, will remain in force until January 2009.

As well as being banned from these parts of the Alton estate, he is also now prohibited from:

• Remaining with one or more persons, any one of whom is acting in a manner likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress.

• Threatening, using verbal or physical abuse, or swearing at any other person, or throwing any items towards any person, vehicle or property in such a manner as is likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress to any person not of the same household as himself.

If Oliver Easy breaches any of the prohibitions contained in the order he faces immediate arrest. If he is then found guilty in court of breaking the ASBO, he could face a two year detention and training order which would see him placed in custody for up to 12 months.

The ASBO was imposed after the judge was told that Mr Easy had committed numerous acts of anti-social behaviour in his neighbourhood.

There were frequent reports of him being threatening, rude and abusive to other people, and that many local residents were intimidated by his behaviour and were afraid of being attacked by him while going about their daily business.

There were also a number of reports of him breaking people's windows in the area by throwing stones and dumping rubbish in people's gardens. He is also reported to have racially abused people from different ethnic groups on the estate.

Notices outlining the terms of the ASBO, which also contain a photograph of Mr Easy, are being distributed around the Alton estate. These will give local people information on how to contact the police or council's anti-social behaviour unit if he commits further acts of anti-social behaviour or breaches the order.

March 16, 2007