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Ashlone Wharf - saved from redevelopment - £300,000 renovation instead!

Council promises river youth groups and Chas Newans Marines continued use of the wharf

Following architects reports into the three possibilities for the future of the wharf Wandsworth Council has decided to opt for the total refurbishment of the building without selling it to developers!

The Council surveyors will meet with the user groups to discuss the details and their requirements and it is hoped that work will start by the end of the year.

Council leader Edward Lister said the studies had been carried out thoroughly with great attention paid to the concerns of the current user. He stated:

" The council places enormous value on the work of the youth river club and the sea cadets who use the building. We also recognise the unique contribution made by Chas Newens Boatyard to Putney's riverside and of the course the University Boat Race.

The architects are also working with Wandsworth and Richmond councils on proposals for new sporting facilities at Barn Elms.

Geri Laithwaite, campaigner for the wharf said:

"We are very excited that the Council is prepared to ensure the wharf is used by youth groups and Chas Newens Marines - but this is what we suggested eighteen months ago"

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