Get Fit For Christmas With A 6 Week Running Course

The next course with runnyhoneys starts 5th November


Make running your thing, with a group of other women following a proven six week course.

This is a 6 week course aimed at getting you from not being able to run for more than a few minutes at a time, to being able to run steadily for 20 to 30 minutes. You might also like to consider a 5k Parkrun on completion of the course, to put your stake firmly in the ground!

The course costs £90 which offers a walk to run programme, two led runs a week, fitness testing and a weekly chat session about all aspects of running, to help you to get into some good habits and to avoid injuries:
•what you wear, including trainers & bras
•how to run
•healthy eating
•strengthening your body
•flexibility & stretching
•the importance of rest & recovery

Dates Tuesdays & Thursdays, 10am  

To book please contact Sue

Gift vouchers are available but places are limited, so don’t hang about!

Who are runnyhoneys?

runnyhoneys was founded in September 2011by a Putney Mum, Sue Browne, who had discovered that she loved running and wanted to encourage others to run too. We are a friendly and supportive women's running club based in Putney with around 40 members, 4 group runs per week and now have 4 run leaders to spread the load and to help us to grow.

Already a runner?

Check our website and see if any of our group runs would work for you


October 18, 2013