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39 Felsham Road Putney
SW15 1AZ
Tel: 0208 789 9218

Special offer for readers:
Readers who book a therapy before 28th February will receive a 20% discount on therapies. Quote 'PutneySW15' when you make your appointment. One offer per patient.

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The human and animal body is essentially self-healing. We all possess an energy field that is related to our body's physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body systems and is essential for good health and can be affected by our surroundings. A concept that is now more accepted and acknowledged by health professionals and the scientific community.

Some of the therapies can be used alongside conventional medical treatment.

Health benefits for people

The therapies offer numerous health benefits such as reducing stress and promoting relaxation. Help improve working and personal relationships. Helps reduce blood pressure, pain relief, assists the body with detoxification, asthma, eczema, migraines, digestive problems, hormonal imbalance, helps behaviours such as aggression, depression, fear, withdrawn and with social anxieties and difficulties in relationships and more....

Health benefits for pets

Therapies for pets are offered with their owners in the comfort of their own home environment not at their premises in Felsham Road.

Animals respond very well to healing therapies and benefit from them in much the same way we do.
Some of the notable benefits include:
 ageing animals who often find it increasingly difficult to cope with any demands that are made from them
 help stabilizing training
 improvements in behavioural problems such as fear and aggression
 effective in relieving pain
 helpful for convalescing animals
 improved understanding and bonding between pet and owner
 allergies and skin conditions, including sarcoids
 digestive illnesses
 muscular and joint complaints
 offers physical and emotional support they may be in need of.
 make them more comfortable and peaceful at the end of their lives.
 and more...

The therapies are intended to broaden the idea of therapy, rather than substitute for professional veterinary care.

About Esprit 4 Health

Their therapy rooms offer a quiet and peaceful space for you to relax offering a thoughtful and sympathetic approach to both human and animal patient care, the emotional and mental as well as physical aspects of health and sickness.

Therapist Seema, although now focused on mind, body and spiritual interventions for people and animal health and healing, she is a trained and registered pharmacist who has spent many years in the front line of human self-medication and well informed about any of your health conditions, symptoms & any conventional treatment. This skill mix allows her to have a great scope of practice.

Therapies for people include:
Energy Healing with Reiki
Crystal Therapy
Crystal Facial
Flower Remedies
Hopi Ear Candling

Therapies for pets include:
Self-healing therapy using essential oils, herbs etc.
Energy Healing with Reiki
Animal Communication
Crystal Therapy
Flower Remedies

From time to time they will be offering workshops on a variety of themes on Natural Health and well-being for people, animals and environment, details will be advertised on their website.

Gift vouchers are available for any of the therapies they offer or for items purchased at their therapy rooms.

Complimentary Medical Association and The General Pharmaceutical Council.

Special offer for readers of
Readers who book a therapy before 28th February will receive a 20% discount on therapies. Quote PutneySW15 when you make your appointment. One offer per patient.

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February 11, 2013