A Muffin Moment In Putney

Readers can enjoy a bb moment of relaxation at Putney's newest cafe


bb's coffee & muffins
Unit 24 (Opposite Waitrose)
Putney Exchange Shopping Centre
High Street
SW15 1TW

020 8704 1536

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Renowned for their hand mixed, freshly baked muffins and their quirky off-the-wall décor, bb’s coffee and muffins, will open on November 2nd inside the Exchange Shopping Centre.

The new store has been designed by eminent designer Mark Lawson Bell (MLB) who is famed for his work with Sketch restaurant. Mark will be officially opening bb’s at 11.00am on 2nd November so you can meet the designer behind Sketch & bb's!

Thanks to MLB’s creative talents, bb’s aims to surprise and delight customers in a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. The new design features the bb’s distinctive colour palate of black, white and signature cerise pink with the focus on designer-style furniture which is soft and comfortable.

bb’s has a laid-back ambience which makes it a great place to meet and relax but there are lots of other things which come together to make bb’s more than just another coffee shop experience. If the mouth-watering aroma of muffins baked on site that morning and freshly blended coffee isn’t enough to entice you in then the indulgent smoothies, the handmade range of hot and cold wraps or the toasties and sandwiches will.

The “bb’s” brand originated in Australia where the initials used to stand for “Bakers Bun” as the concept started life as an in-store bakery. Realising there was something special about their muffins when they outsold every other bakery item in the store, muffins became the focus. Soon they added rich coffee blends and thus bb’s coffee and muffins was born.

The renowned bb’s muffin has a central role to play in the look of the new Exchange store. The theme ‘muffin moments’ is evident throughout; with the rationale that there’s always a good excuse to indulge in a freshly baked bb’s muffin – “because you passed, because you didn’t, because the sky is blue, because I love you, because because any excuse will do!!” bb’s muffins are perfect for sharing and for gifting!

Mark Lawson Bell, pictured left, said; “Each bb's store features its own unique elements and the re-fit of this bb's in Putney is very much inspired by the river which runs through this part of London. 1000 drinking straws are suspended from the ceiling, creating a wave of colour and movement, representing the ebb and flow of the tide. Lapping of waves and the shipping forecast are part of a soundscape from old radios in the customer toilet. Standard umbrellas grow out of the tables in the atrium, protecting the guestJanuary 6, 2013e store for a unique customer experience”.

Andrew Moyes, Managing Director, bb’s coffee and muffins, commented:
“We’re delighted to launch our new Mark Lawson Bell designed store in the Exchange Shopping Centre. We’re very excited about the new design, and are confident that our new customers will enjoy all that the store has to offer such as the improved and extended food and beverage offer, made by our highly skilled baristas, and of course our signature freshly baked muffins.”

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January 6, 2013