100s Apply To Work at New Little Waitrose

445 applications for 40 new jobs at East Putney store

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Waitrose received 446 job applications within just nine days for its new shop in East Putney which will be creating more than 40 jobs in the local area when it opens on Tuesday 21st January 2014. 

The little Waitrose will be adjacent to East Putney tube station and is part of the new Langham Square development of contemporary flats and a public piazza. 

The roles were advertised for the first time on Monday (11th November) on waitrosejobs.com, but the window was closed the following Wednesday after an overwhelming response. 

Thirty places will be allocated during those interviews to candidates put forward by Jobcentre Plus to provide opportunities for local unemployed people. 
Waitrose Director of Development, Nigel Keen, said: "It's been a phenomenal response and we are really encouraged by the calibre of applications as well as so many people wanting to work for our business. We pride ourselves on ensuring our shops have a local identity and that starts with the staff we employ - we look forward to welcoming successful candidates in the near future." 
The developer, St. James, are close to completing Langham Square and work on the Little Waitrose begins on December 9th.

December 1, 2013