Violinist Reunited With Violin

Which had been stolen between Waterloo & Putney

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£25,000 Violin Stolen From Putney/Waterloo Train

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Catrin Win Morgan has been overjoyed at the return of her Frédéric Chaudière-made Stradivarius copy which had been taken from the overhead luggage racks on a journey between Waterloo and Putney on 8 February.

On Wednesday at approximately 6.30am a member of the public returned the violin to staff at Hounslow rail station around 6.30am.

Ms Win Morgan said that she is:
"Amazed by the support that I have received. The support I’ve received from members of the public, and their responses in trying to assist me in retrieving my instrument, has been amazing.

Onboard CCTV had captured a man removing the violin case before getting off the train at Whitton and enquiries into the original theft remains ongoing and the police still want to speak to the man seen taking the violin on the CCTV footage.

March 2nd, 2012