371 More Trees Planted Across Wandsworth

Including 171 new street trees

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The council’s highways teams planted 171 new street trees across the borough this Spring in response to requests from residents and to improve the street scene in residential areas.

And the parks service planted another 100 on local housing estates and 100 more in parks and commons.

The species planted this spring included cherry, lime, pear, crab apple, sorbus, rowan, oak, hazel, whitebeam, maple, hornbeam and birch trees.

Between 2008 and 2011 the council planted more than 1,100 new street trees across the borough. There are now more than 14,000 street trees growing in Wandsworth – one of the highest numbers in London. In addition there are another 60,000 that thrive in the borough’s parks commons and open spaces.

Many of the street trees are looked after by tree wardens. Wandsworth was one of the first urban councils in the country to establish a network of tree wardens – ordinary members of the public who act as the eyes and ears of the town hall by keeping a close watch on the health and well-being of trees in their neighbourhood.

Residents who live near the 271 new trees that have been planted in residential streets and on housing estates are being urged to collect rainwater or use recycled water to feed these young trees if dry conditions continue this summer.

April 25, 2012