Two Boys In Serious Condition After Tree Falls in Fieldview

Nine year olds suffered severe head injuries at Spencer Cricket Ground

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Two nine year old boys have suffered severe head injuries after a tree fell at Spencer Cricket Ground in Fieldview, Earlsfield today.

A third, nine year old boy, received leg injuries. The boys were waiting for a turn in the cricket nets when the accident happened.

A Met Police spokesman said: "We were alerted by the ambulance service that a tree had fallen on children at Spencer Cricket Ground.

"Three boys were taken to St George's Hospital. Two had injuries and were in a serious condition. The third had leg injuries and was described as walking wounded."

A spokesman for Wandsworth Council told the press it was a "terrible accident".

"This was at a private cricket club, but from what we have been told there were a bunch of kids queueing up to go in the nets. All of a sudden this tree came down on them... It is a private tree on private land but it has been pretty windy in town today and you can have a really healthy tree but if the wind catches in a prticular way a healthy tree can be blown over. The Council does not have any role to play."

All cricket at the ground has been suspended.

June 16, 2012